Fellows of BSC


Fellows are scientists who have made exceptional contributions to biophysics.

Fellows are chosen by the executive based on nominations from the awards committee, currently chaired by Dr. Giuseppe Melacini.

Dr. Hue Sun Chan

Dr. Chan has made major contributions to the field of protein folding and continues to design and apply computational tools to a wide variety of biophysical problems.

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Dr. Natalie Strynadka

Dr. Strynadka's studies define the structural mechanisms underlying microbial diseases.

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Dr. Benoit Roux

Dr. Roux’s studies provide a computational roadmap toward an understanding of biological systems.

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Dr. Lewis E. Kay

Dr. Kay has made transformative contributions to the field of biomolecular nuclear magnetic resonance.

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Dr. Richard M. Epand

Dr. Epand’s is a leader in studying the relationship between the properties of lipid membranes and their biological function.

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Dr. Ian C. P. Smith

Dr. Smith has performed pioneering research in the application of MRI and spectroscopy to non-invasive medical diagnoses.

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Call for Nominations - Biophysical Society of Canada Awards

Submission Deadlines: August 15th, 2020 for Fellows and Young Investigators and January 15th, 2021 for the Service Award.

The Biophysical Society of Canada solicits nominations for Fellows of the Biophysical Society of Canada, for the Young Investigator Award, and for the Michèle Auger Award for Exceptional Service to the Biophysical Society of Canada.

All members of the Biophysical Society of Canada who are in good standing are welcome to submit a nomination of deserving candidates for either award by e-mailing a nomination package to Leonid Brown.

For fellows and young investigators, the nomination package must include:
- A one page cover letter from the nominator
- A current CV of the nominee
- Two supporting letters from arms-length biophysicists different from the nominator

For the Michèle Auger Service Award, the nomination package must include:
- A nomination letter outlining the contributions of the nominee to the BSC

Complete nomination packages received by August 15th (Fellows & Young Investigator Award) & January 15th (Service Award) will be reviewed and ranked through votes by the executives of the Biophysical Society of Canada. Nominations in all areas of biophysics are welcome. Nominees for Fellows and the Young Investigator award must be Canadian or working in Canada. To be eligible for the Young Investigator award, the nominee must be within ten years of his/her first independent research position (excluding leaves of absence) at the time of the nomination. Award winners are recognized at the Annual meeting of the Biophysical Society of Canada. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

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