President’s welcome

Welcome to what we hope will be a renewed Biophysical Society of Canada. We are an organization that aims to promote the interests and science of Biophysics in Canada. The field of Biophysics spans an ever growing array of disciplines and one might reasonably ask what it is that unifies such a diverse group? Aren’t these researchers just biochemists, for example, by a different name? And for many of us such an assertion is at least partially true. But there is also a real and, I would argue growing, distinction to Biophysics. There is still a strong interest in and need to elucidate the minute physical details of how biological systems accomplish what they do. Biophysics has traditionally taken a reductionist approach that in these days of ever expanding systems-based approaches seems out moded, but I am still convinced that there remains much molecular detail to understand. And Biophysics will have a role to play in developing detailed understanding of biological mechanisms at the finest detail, inventing methods for capturing new data and devising computational tools for putting the data together into a larger picture. There are contributions to make at the interfaces of physics, biology and mathematics and this is where the interests of biophysicists lie.

If you feel an affinity for papers describing the nuances of protein folding or DNA untwisting, how many phases there are in the activation of a gating current or how channels mediate nerve impulses, or the correlation of lifetimes in the NMR spectrum of a membrane protein then perhaps it is your inner Biophysicist trying to escape. You are welcome to join the Biophysical Society of Canada as a way to giving voice to your inner Biophysicist. Because the success of this society rests on your interest and participation please join in our efforts. We welcome your comments, thoughts, criticism and advice.

Bruce C. Hill, President

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    To all Canadian Biophysicists - Canada has a large number of scientists practicing biophysics. They are distributed in many different types of institution or department, often with a name that does not contain the word “biophysics”. They are consequently often not represented in our national fora, including granting agencies, or international organizations. To enhance communication in Canadian biophysics the Biophysical Society of Canada (BSC) was formed and has operated for over twenty years. However, some of our prominent biophysicists have not become members and we wonder why.. read more »

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