BSC 2017 in Montréal, Québec

3rd Annual Meeting – May 24-26, 2017


The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Canada was held May 24-26, 2017 in Montreal on the campus of the Université du Québec à Montréal. Organized by a committee chaired by Professors Steve Bourgault and Peter Pawelek, the conference brought together over 250 participants. The meeting included plenary and poster sessions covering all areas of biophysics, with a particular emphasis on single-molecule spectroscopy, computational biophysics, protein structure and dynamics, and biological nano-confinement. In total, 51 scientific talks and 106 poster presentations were made at this symposium, a clear testimony to the vibrancy of the society.

During the meeting, Professor Benoit Roux from the University of Chicago presented the National Lecture entitled ‘The Molecular Mechanism of P-type ATPase Ion Pumps’ and was honored as the 2017 Fellow of the Biophysical Society of Canada. Other notable scientific highlights of the conference included Keynote Lectures by Professor Peter Davies from Queen's University, Professor Sarah L. Keller from the University of Washington and Professor Dorothee Kern from Brandeis University. Congratulations to the student poster award winners; Adrian Paz Ramos, Williams E. Miranda, Zeineb Bouhlel, Chieh Ting Hsu, Morgan Robinson, Mouhanad Babi, Justine Dionne, Eric Beamish, Cory Campbell, Robert Harkness, Félix Proulx-Giraldeau and Gregory-Neal W. Gomes.

The symposium was sponsored by The Université du Québec à Montréal, Pharmaqam, Malvern, GE Healthcare, GRASP, PROTEO, Bruker, PerkinElmer, Nicoya Life Sciences, Spectra Research Corporation, NanoQAM, Agilent Technologies, Mirexus, Calcul Québec, Fisher Scientific, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction, Nanion Technologies, SFR Magnifying Nanosciences, Mitegen, TA Instruments and Soquelec. We thank all our sponsors for their generous support.

Looking forward to BSC2018 in Vancouver!

Topics addressed in this conference included:

  1. Membrane Biophysics and Lipids
  2. Protein Folding and Dynamics
  3. Structure and Function of Biomolecules
  4. Computational Biophysical Chemistry
  5. Biophysics of Signaling Membrane Proteins
  6. DNA Nanostructures and Dynamics
  7. Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  8. Emerging Imaging Techniques

Organizing Committee:

  • Steve Bourgault, Chair, Department of Chemistry, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Peter Pawalek, Co-Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Concordia University
  • Guillaume Lamoureux, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Concordia University
  • Sabrina Leslie, Department of Physics, McGill University
  • Isabelle Marcotte, Department of Chemistry, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Anthony Mittermaier, Department of Chemistry, McGill University

Keynote Speaker:

  • Benoit Roux, University of Chicago
  • Peter Davies, Queen's University
  • Sarah L. Keller, University of Washington
  • Dorothy Kerns, Brandeis University

Invited Speakers:

  • Caroline Boudoux, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Derek Bowie, McGill University
  • Frederic Chedin, UC Davies
  • Corrie daCosta, University of Ottawa
  • Maxime Dahan, Institut Curie
  • Hendrick de Haan, Ontario Institute of Technology
  • Christine DeWolf, Concordia University
  • Marija Drndic, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nancy Forde, Simon Fraser University
  • Claudiu Gradinaru, University of Toronto
  • Joerg Gsponer, University of British Columbia
  • Bruce Hill, Queen's University
  • Mazdak Khajehpour, University of Manitoba
  • Pierre Lavigne, University of Sherbrooke
  • Joanne Lemieux, University of Alberta
  • Yu-Shan Lin, Tufts University
  • Andre Marziali, University of British Columbia
  • Jerome Mathe, Université d’Évry val d’Essonne
  • Stephen Michnick, University of Montreal
  • Joelle Pelletier, University of Montreal
  • Andrew Pelling, University of Ottawa
  • Jan Rainey, Dalhousie University
  • Simon Sharpe, University of Toronto
  • Matthew D. Shoulders, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Derek M. Stein, Brown University
  • Andrea R. Tao, University of California, San Diego
  • Jenifer Thewalt, Simon Fraser University
  • Peter Tieleman, University of Calgary
  • Meni Wanunu, Northeastern University
  • Dror E. Warschawski, CNRS- Université Paris Diderot


Photos by CryoDragon Inc. |

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