Trainee Executive


The BSC Trainee Executive comprises a diverse group of young biophysical researchers from across the country. The primary goal of the BSC Trainee Executive is to engage trainees and to preserve and expand the biophysics culture in Canada.

One of the main initiatives of the BSC Trainee Executive is the yearly BSC Trainee Symposium which is held at the beginning of the annual BSC Meeting. This initiative provides an opportunity for trainees to present their work in oral presentations, network with other trainees and established researchers as well as gain perspectives on scientific careers outside of academia through networking interactions with a diverse group of guest speakers. The specific themes of the symposium vary from year to year depending on the preferences and opinions voiced by trainees, however, two important aims persist. First, is the opportunity for high quality trainees to share their research. Second, trainees are exposed to the diverse career opportunities that are available in the field of biophysics.

The BSC Trainee Executive is eager to plan and lead trainee-focused activities and initiatives. The Executive is receptive to new members who have a passion for expanding biophysics in Canada. Please take a closer look at the BSC Trainee Executive members by reading below!

Former Members

Morgan Robinson - Fundraising Director (2018-2019), President (2019-2021), Communications Director (2021-2022)

Benjamin Martial - Vice President (2017-2020)

William Jennings - President (2017-2020)

Bronwyn Lyons - Communications Director 2017-2021

Haydee Mesa-Galloso - Communications Director 2017-2021