Award Winners for BPS 2019 in Baltimore

BPS Travel Award Winners

BPS 2019 in Baltimore

2019 Award Recipients

Kari Gaalswyk
PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
Supervisor: Dr. Justin MacCallum
Work presented: A physical modeling approach to determine protein structures from paramagnetic NMR measurements

Kathrin Lehmann
Postdoctoral fellow, Simon Fraser University
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Forde
Work presented: Multiple interaction modes of the nucleosomal histone H3 N-terminal tail revealed by high precision single-molecule FRET

Jeff Li
PhD candidate, University of British Columbia
Supervisor: Dr. Hongbin Li
Work presented: The folding mechanism of rubredoxin revealed by optical tweezers at the single-molecule level

Medha Sharma
PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. Tony Harris
Work presented: The physical bases of forming a smooth boundary between an expanding ARP 2/3 actin network and a contractile actomyosin network

Deniz Meneksedag-Erol
PDF, University of Toronto Mississauga
Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Rauscher
Work presented: Uncovering the molecular basis for the clinical N642H mutation in STAT5B using atomistic molecular simulations

Stefan Warkentin
MSc candidate, Dalhousie University
Supervisor: Dr. Jan Rainey
Work presented: Investigating recombinant aciniform silk nanoparticles as potential drug carriers and as intermediates in silk fibrillogenesis