Biophysics Week with the BSC

Organized by our Trainee Executive and leadership team, Biophysics Week is a time for trainees to engage in a fun and exciting networking event.

Network with Fellow Trainees & Professionals

BSC's Biophysics Week

Biophysics Week was started in 2016 by the Biophysical Society to be an annual global event that celebrates and raises awareness of the wonderful field of biophysics. 

Each year, the Biophysical Society of Canada runs an event in conjunction with Biophysics Week. We have had both networking and trivia events in the past, and are always looking for more ways of interacting with fellow biophysics trainees across our nation. Check back here for our plans for the upcoming Biophysics Week.

Biophysics Week | 2024

If you know and love biophysics, stay tuned to hear what we have planned for 2024’s Biophysics Week!

To get involved in organizing activities, please contact Mazdak Khajehpour at or contact us today.

Archive of Events Held

Past Biophysics Week Events

We started our Canadian Biophysics Week in 2021. Below is an archive and summary of each years’ events and the fun times experienced from our members.

Biophysics Week 2022 was help from March 21-25. A trivia and networking event was help on March 22, 2023 at 6:00pm EST, which was called an “excellent networking opportunity” by many trainees! 

Not only did everyone have fun through the virtual trivia on Zoom, prizes were awarded to the winning team!

Our first national participation in Biophysics Week was a success. People joined from across Canada and internationally to learn about the BSC and meet the executive, and attended information sessions hosted by different Biophysics groups across Canada (Queen’s University, Saint Mary’s University, Simon Fraser University, University of Guelph, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo).