Winner Profile: Paul Wiseman

Paul Wiseman
BSC Fellow Profile

Paul Wiseman

2024 Award Recipient

Dr. Paul Wiseman developed image correlation spectroscopy, a new microscopy technique allowing to quantify protein clusters distribution, during his graduate studies with Nils Petersen at the University of Western Ontario. After post-doctoral positions in Japan with Professor Akihiro Kusumi, and at UCSD with Profs. Kent Wilson and Jeff Squier, he returned to Canada in 2001 to start his own research group at McGill University, where he has pursued the development of new quantitative microscopy tools to unlock hidden properties of biomolecules.

Dr. Wiseman’s impressive body of work includes several seminal contributions to fluorescence microscopy and imaging of molecules in living cells. Him and his group at McGill have developed and applied different image correlation spectroscopy modalities, notably spatio-temporal image correlation spectroscopy (STICS), which extend correlation microscopy into the realm of flow and provide velocity maps for molecules undergoing directed movement in living cells. By providing high-resolution maps of protein interactions, transport and oligomerization states in vivo, these methods have had a tremendous impact in the fields of cell biology and cellular biophysics.

Dr. Wiseman’s excellence has been recognized by many prestigious awards, notably the Otto Maass Chair in Chemistry at McGill, the Biophysical Society’s Young Fluorescence Investigator Award, a CIFAR Research Fellowship, and a Fulbright Visiting Chair in Nanoscience at UCLA. His research has received support from NSERC, NIH, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Human Frontiers Science Program, amongst others.

In addition to his research accomplishments, Dr. Wiseman has made substantial contributions to the academic community, notably through his commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. He has mentored numerous graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, who are now successfully employed in academia and industry in Canada, USA, Germany, India, Australia, and the UK.