Winner Profile: Justin MacCallum

Justin MacCallum
Early Career Investigator Award Profile

Justin MacCallum

2024 Award Recipient

Dr. Justin MacCallum received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Calgary, where he worked with Dr. Peter Tieleman on small molecule computer simulations. After post-doctoral work at UCSF and Stony Brook University, he came back to the University of Calgary in 2014, where he currently holds the Canada Research Chair in Biomolecular Structure and Design.

His interdisciplinary approach, combining computer science and experimental biophysics, has paved the way for a deeper understanding of complex biological processes via new approaches to structure determination. His work transcends traditional biophysical research, seamlessly integrating theoretical, computational, and wet-laboratory-based techniques to establish an integrative structural biology program aimed at enhancing our understanding of protein structure and functions.

His pioneering work has been featured in prestigious journals including Science, Nature Microbiology, Angewandte Chemie, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Science Advances. In addition to the Canada Research Chair program, Dr. MacCallum’s research endeavours have received support from NSERC, CIHR, and CFI programs. He boasts an impressive track record of mentoring trainees, actively participating in outreach activities, and generously contributing his expertise to the scientific community. In recognition of his early career success, he was honoured with the University of Calgary Faculty of Science Early Career Research Award in 2020.