Award Winners for 5th Annual Meeting of the BSC

Trainee Poster Award Winners

5th Annual Meeting of the BSC

2019 Award Recipients

Image (Left to right): Adam Yasunaga, Renee-Claude Bider, Daniel Nino, Jacob Monast, Rashik Ahmed, Shuya Kate Huang

Membrane Biophysics: JGP Poster Prize
Rashik Ahmed, Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University
Supervisor: Dr. Giuseppe Melacini
Work presented: Atomic Resolution Map of the Soluble Amyloid Beta Assembly Toxic Surfaces

Receptors & Signalling: MCL Poster Prize
Jacob Monast, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology, University of Ottawa
Supervisor: Dr. J. Baenziger
Work presented: Mapping the allosteric pathway leading from a pore-lining mutation in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor to CMS

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: JGP Poster Prize
Sarah Bickers, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. V. Kanelis
Work presented: Structural Studies Elucidating Substrate Transport and the Role of the Disordered Regulatory Region of Ycf1p

Single Molecule Biophysics: JGP Poster Prize
Daniel Nino, Department of Physics and Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. J.N. Milstein
Work presented: Single-Molecule Counting and Stoichiometric Analysis using Super-Resolution Localization Microscopy

Polymers and Cellular Biophysics: MCL Poster Prize
Adam Yasunaga, Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia Okanagan
Supervisor: Dr. I.T.S. Li
Work presented: Development of a novel assay for quantifying the forces involved in rolling adhesion

Cells & Systems: MCL Poster Prize
Renee-Claude Bider, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Origins Institute, McMaster University
Supervisor: Dr. M. Rheinstädter
Work presented: The Origin of Life: Bridging the Gap Between Nucleotides and Protocells

People’s Choice:
Shuya Kate Huang, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical and Physical Sciences, University of Toronto Mississauga
Supervisor: Dr. R.S. Prosser
Work presented: Activation of G protein by the adenosine A2A receptor