John Baenziger Receives 2020 Michèle Auger BSC Service Award

It is with great pleasure and on behalf on all BSC executives and BSC community I congratulate Professor John Baenziger with the 2020 Michèle Auger BSC Service Award.

With this Award we celebrate and acknowledge his leadership as the BSC President from 2014 till 2019, when the society grew from a mere 30 people to over 300 members in 5 years. During his hard work as a president John put together outstanding executive committee and under his leadership we witnessed tremendous growth of the activities within the society, such as: national meetings and international events were organised, various awards for trainees and researchers were established and sponsorships from commercial companies were acquired. New student activities have been promoted, which have resulted in the growth of a young and talented community of biophysics researchers in Canada. With this Award we thank John for his enormous dedication and outstanding contributions to the rise and growth of the BSC.

Zoya Leonenko
BSC President