BSC Trainees Networking & Trivia Event a Success!

BSC Trainees networking and trivia event this year was held on March 22 as part of Biophysics week. Regardless of time zone differences, we were able to attract 26 undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs from several Canadian provinces and intriguingly a high school student, too.  The BSC trainee executive is thankful to Dr.Nancy Forde for inaugurating this event by briefly describing what BSC does. The event turned out to be a fun networking event for Canadian undergraduates, graduates and post docs as can be seen in the screenshot.

The winners of the Trivia is Team 6:

  • Spencer Smyth:  U of T
  • Daniiar Zhaguparov : U of A
  • Tiam Heydari: UBC
  • Lydia Hodgins: McMaster
  • Aina Adekunle: UBC